Integration created

Icreated Web Portal API plugin for iDempiere


This REST API OSGI plugin for ERP Idempiere initially has been created to communicate with Icreated Web Portal https://github.com/icreated/portal-frontend It can be used with other type of integration, for example as an alternative to Idempiere Web Services

Web Portal is fully based on Spring Framework and integrates its features:

Web Portal provides following features:

Installing / Getting started

To build this plugin you need to get sources in your project directory with same parent as Idempiere source folder

git clone https://github.com/icreated/portal-api.git

Import this project to Eclipse. Be sure to satisfy all required dependencies. All needed jars are added directly to lib folder with mvn verify command. Eclipse needs a mapstruct plugin to compile converters. It can be found here https://mapstruct.org/documentation/ide-support/

Follow instructions for installation in blog post: How to install MapStruct for use with eclipse

openapi.yaml is configured in Icreated Web Portal). It’s easier to work with one file and share it between backend & frontend.

The copy of openapi.yaml is automatically copied with a maven plugin to project because of use of swagger plugin when Idempiere sever is started.

Deploying / Publishing / Testing

Check if it works by accessing to Swagger Home Page: http://localhost:8080/portal/api To connect to API provide JWT Token you can get like this:

curl --location --request POST 'http://localhost:8080/portal/api/login' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{

If everything is ok you open the following page:

"Swagger UI"